Australian Music Centre Composer Resource Kit

Education Composer Kit for high school and University level.

Composer resource kit – Written by Katia Beaugeais
Publisher/Editor – Australian Music Centre

The Composer Resource Kit will contain 3 sections:

(1) the written text resource booklet (2) Recorded extracts of compositions (3) a solo saxophone CD featuring full recordings of all Australian works.*

* For the general audience and saxophonists, the Australian saxophone CD will be available for purchase independently from the kit.

Australian composers to be featured in the Composer Resource kit:

Prof. Anne Boyd, Katy Abbott, Rosalind Page, Katia Beaugeais, Bruce Crossman, Stephen Adams, Matthew Hindson, Paul Stanhope and Ross Edwards.


Summary of Project:

The composer kit & CD will present a number of Australian saxophone/clarinet/piano pieces in a variety of styles. The pieces have been chosen based on their unique compositional style and variety of colours and timbral effects created through the use of saxophone extended techniques. For example, Dr Bruce Crossman’s new soprano saxophone work, Dying of the Light: Pacific Resonance for Peter, which is dedicated to Peter Sculthorpe. The works will also include arrangements I performed at Selmer Studio Showrooms in Paris: Anne Boyd’s ‘Beside Bamboos’ for erhu, arr. for solo alto sax, and Ross Edwards’ ‘Raft Song at Sunrise’ originally for shakuhachi and arr. for soprano sax, which he specially arranged for me for my recital at the 2012 World Saxophone Congress in Scotland.

Within the text booklet, score extracts of the Australian compositions will be shown alongside audio recordings. Audio samples of specific extended techniques will also be provided to accompany the discussion on contemporary playing effects.

This education resource is essential for both high school and tertiary level (undergraduate & postgraduate level). There is no simple text available outlining the basic idiomatic issues when employing extended techniques in compositions. Instrumental textbooks of contemporary playing techniques are aimed at the advanced performer, and are too difficult to comprehend for a non-performer of the instrument. The resource kit will demonstrate how to create unique timbral, colouristic, textural effects through the use of extended techniques when composing for saxophone and other woodwind instruments. Analyses of motivic development devices and idiomatic issues such as breathing, difficulties in range, register, dynamics, articulation will also be discussed in relation to the featured works.

With this composition resource kit, I plan to conduct composition workshops at various schools and universities.

The launch date is 2017.

For further enquiries please don’t hesitate to contact me or John Davis – CEO of the AMC.

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