ABC album Australian Chamber Orchestra “Like Snowdrops You Will Shine”

Katia Beaugeais’s Like Snowdrops You Will Shine
premiere by Australian Chamber Orchestra Collective

March 2021:
Women of Note: A Century of Australian Composers

2018 ACO Collective/Hush ABC CD


Published by the Australian Music Centre:

  Like Snowdrops You Will Shine for string orchestra

Selected for worldwide playlist
Australian Chamber Orchestra’s
playlist celebrating “Incredible Female Artists”

Concert Program Note

Like Snowdrops You Will Shine (2018)

Like Snowdrops You Will Shine features Australian nature sounds to create a soothing, peaceful and uplifting sound world. This work was chosen for the Australian Chamber Orchestra’s 2019 worldwide selected playlist celebrating “Incredible Female Artists”.

Like Snowdrops You Will Shine
for string orchestra refers to the delicate white snowdrop flowers that symbolise hope, optimism, courage, resilience and new beginnings.
Through my music I hope to provide comfort for anyone who is facing a challenging time in their lives.

The stylistic character of my piece is inspired by a musical activity during my residency at the Sydney Children’s Hospital in Randwick, where we composed, played and improvised over a pentatonic scale. Like Snowdrops You Will Shine is based on a set of pitches of a pentatonic nature that evolve into a series of variations to form the main musical material.

The aim of my piece was to create a work that could have a calming effect and serve as a distraction to reduce stress and anxiety. Opening with a delicate and playful ‘snowdrop’ pizzicato motif bouncing around the ensemble, shining melodic colours and thick, warm chordal harmonies create an uplifting and positive ambiance. Soothing seagull bird-like harmonic glissando sounds enhance a calm and meditative atmosphere.

Like Snowdrops You Will Shine is dedicated to doctors, nurses, volunteers and the general public whose compassion, kindness and encouragement we could not do without during difficult times.

© 2018 by Katia Beaugeais


The Music Trust
Like Snowdrops You Will Shine by Katia Beaugeais opens softly, with a theme that weaves through gently downward moving patterns that might have the effect of bringing a troubled person from heightened levels of stress to a place of peace; the birdsong coda might elicit images of escape to a world outside the hospital environment.” – Gwen Bennett 31/10/18.

The Culture Concept
“In Katia Beaugeais’s Like Snowdrops You Will Shine wisps of white petals are harvested and blended to create a mysterious mixture of subdued sadness and comforting joy. Together these themes cascade to form a contented chorus of continual radiant shine.
The music tumbles with triumph and unassuming bravery.” – Rose Niland 31/10/18.

CD Launch
16 + 17 September 2018 –
ACO Collective Sydney & Melbourne
Broadcast live on ABC Classic FM


Sydney City Recital Hall ACO Collective CD launch – With my beautiful & supportive maman.


Sydney City Recital Hall ACO Collective launch – CD signing with Elena Kats-Chernin.

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