30 Jun

Currently Beaugeais UK’s “Single Reed Doctor” Clarinet & Saxophone Society of Great Britain magazine

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Clarinet & Saxophone Society of Great Britain Magazine

Beaugeais UK’s ‘Single Reed Doctor’ Feature on Circular Breathing

How to Circular Breathe in 10 Steps

Katia can circular breathe for unlimited amounts of time! Want to know how she does it?

Katia’s 4-page article on circular breathing provides a step-by-step guide and practice techniques on how to circular breathe.
Designed for beginners, amateurs and professionals who want to learn, get better or perfect their circular breathing.

Read Katia’s UK Article here



+ CLICK HERE to watch on Katia’s YouTube channel:

Katia’s films on how she circular breathes and demonstrates useful practice tips for beginners to advanced players. 

Or via UK’s site here:


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