17 Sep

Guest Soloist + Composer World Premiere “Together We Unite Through Music” for Sax Orchestra

Melbourne Conservatorium of Music Ian Potter SouthBank Centre 10:30 am - 6:30 pm


World Premiere of Beaugeais’ “Together We Unite Through Music” for massed Saxophone Orchestra

2022 Melbourne Saxophone Festival

Saturday 17 September – All day event

Founder/Director: Saxophonist Joseph Lallo
Featured Guest Artist:  Composer & Saxophonist Katia Beaugeais

Venue: Melbourne Conservatorium of Music

Gala Final Concert – 5pm


Beaugeais’ Breath by Breath for soprano sax
Katia will perform her circular breathing solo sax piece –
Breath by Breath – from her ABC Classic Sax album.

Buy/stream online @ ABC Shop:

Together We Unite Through Music
for saxophone orchestra

Closing the festival is the world premiere of Beaugeais’ Together We Unite Through Music for massed saxophone orchestra, conducted by Joseph Lallo.

Together We Unite Through Music

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Program Note

Katia Beaugeais’ Together We Unite Through Music for saxophone orchestra was commissioned by the Melbourne Conservatorium of Music for the 2022 Sax Festival of Australia, followed by international premieres in 2023 by London’s Royal College of Music Saxophone Orchestra, conducted by Professor Kyle Horch.

This piece celebrates the re-opening of concert halls and live music across the world as together we unite through music. It takes us on a journey: from the start of lockdown to the celebratory moment as we are able to perform on stage together again.

During the pandemic, we experienced a range of different sounds and emotions as many of us were confined to our homes. In demonstrating the wide range of special effects that the whole saxophone orchestra can produce, contemporary playing techniques are featured. Opening with soft raindrop sounds on the roof (key clicks, sax tapping and slap-tongue effects), saxophonists begin to whistle in a bird-like manner, imitating a chorus of birds from the garden trees.

The soprano sax emerges with the first melody of the piece in a singing bird-like manner. Air wind sound waves lead into an uplifting, dream-like and dance-like rhythmic section. With players entering one by one, gradually building up to the whole ensemble, the unique and illuminating colours of the full saxophone range are showcased.

Together We Unite Through Music builds to a powerful, exhilarating, celebratory and unifying finish as all saxophonists come together and unite through music again.

Info: www.newmusicblock.com

© August 2022 by Katia Beaugeais

Sax Instrumentation:
Sopranos, Altos, Tenors, Baritones, Bass (with optional Bari sax replacement part).
This piece has been composed for a 12/13 part saxophone ensemble or for a massed saxophone orchestra.

Duration: c. 9 minutes.

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