Latitude 33º South Clarinet/piano Free Composition Resource Kit

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Latitude 33º South (2018) is designed for clarinet players of 7th grade AMEB level and above.
Movements I and II can be performed separately. Duration = 6 min.
No previous playing experience with contemporary playing techniques is required.
All extended technique fingering displayed on the score.


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FREE Composition Resource Kit
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Concert Program Note

Latitude 33º South for clarinet and piano was composed for Sydney’s Cranbrook School 2018 Centenary Commissioning Project. It has since been recorded for ABC Classic and Beaugeais and Cranbrook School have co-written an Education Composition Resource Kit.

Latitude 33º South is inspired by the solar latitude system. The first movement opens with a fast, loud, pulsating and rhythmic character. Rising and falling, virtuosic scalic, glissando bell-like motifs represent the position and emergence of sunspots and active latitudes that are associated with jet streams which vary throughout the solar cycle. Extreme registers, cluster chords and metre changes create a sense of exhilaration and excitement. A dream-like and atmospheric quality emerges with the clarinettist freely improvising with bird-like motifs alongside flourishes of rippling passages in the piano to depict the sun’s flickering, shimmering light, and the intensity and brightness of the sun’s rays.

The second movement is soft, serene and calm. The sun’s warm afterglow and luminescent quality is portrayed by the clarinet’s lyrical and soothing sound together with the dulcet tones of the piano.

Latitude 33º South showcases the clarinet’s unique tonal colours through the use of contemporary playing techniques featuring quarter-tone trills and multiphonics in an atmospheric style.

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