Atlantis for clarinet & string quintet Sydney Symphony Orchestra Fellows


Atlantis (2006) for Bb clarinet & string quintet – 5 min.

Recording of premiere performance:

2006 Sydney Symphony Fellows

Irit Silver – clarinet
Victoria Jacono- violin I
Alexander Norton – violin II
Lauren Brigden- viola
Martin Penicka – cello
Damien Eckersley – double bass

Program Note

Atlantis was composed for the 2006 Sydney Symphony Fellowship players and premiered by them at Sydney University. Atlantis refers to the ancient mythical island in the Atlantic whose existence and location have never been confirmed. It was Plato who suggested the island was engulfed by the ocean as the result of a huge volcanic eruption some 3500 years ago.

In the opening, special effects such as multiphonics, glissandos and drone-like figures creates a sense of spaciousness, eeriness, and darkness. The erratic, pulsating, rhythmic section depicts a feeling of unrest and turbulence signifying the volcanic eruption. In the final section marked Morbido, a sense of stillness and mystery is restored. This is followed by ‘falling’ glissandos gradually fading away, in reference to the island sinking to the bottom of the sea.

© 2006 by Katia Beaugeais.

Available for:

  • Bb clarinet & string quintet
  • Flute & string quintet
  • Oboe & string quintet
  • Saxophone & string quintet
  • String quintet alone
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