Vertigo live rec. Movt I, II, III Clari (Rowden) Sax (Beaugeais)


REVISED Verti-GO! Duet for clarinet & alto saxophone  (Dec 2020)
Duration of Verti-GO! is 11 minutes. Each movement can be performed separately.

I:  Mysteriously  5:30 min.
II: Dreamy          2:30 min.
III: Dance-like    2:45 min.

Verti-GO! is published by the Australian Music Centre. Download a free sample score.
For overseas countries, download a digital score or the music can be sent by post:

Verti-GO! Duet for soprano & alto sax:


  • a feeling of uneasiness
  • dizziness, unstable
  • a disordered condition in which an individual, or whatever is around him, seems to be whirling and spinning around…

Program Notes

Verti-GO! was first composed for clarinet and alto saxophone in 2005 and revised in 2019. It was premiered by David Rowden (clarinet) and Katia Beaugeais (saxophone) and recorded live for an ABC Classic radio program featuring Beaugeais’ music.

Verti-GO! is in three movements.
This piece depicts the feelings when suffering from vertigo.
This is portrayed by a fast stylistic character, use of ostinatos, juxtaposition of complex rhythms and constant changes of tempi. A sense of calm occurs in the second movement, where a lyrical, song-like and atmospheric ambiance is created.

This work features contemporary playing techniques to explore the unique range of textural and timbral colours that both instruments can create.

* No previous experience with extended techniques is required. Alternative playing options are provided in the score. All special fingerings are clearly displayed on the score.

Also available for:

  • Tenor sax & Baritone sax
  • 2 Baritone saxophones
  • Bb clarinet & bass clarinet

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