Reflections in the Dark clari, sax, perc + Fl, sax, perc. Broadcast on ABC.

Reflections in the Dark cl, sax, perc. Also fl, sax, perc. Broadcast on ABC


Reflections in the Dark for Bb clarinet, alto sax & percussion:
vibraphone, marimba & temple blocks – 10:45 minutes


Katia Beaugeais – alto sax
David Rowden – clarinet
Joshua Hill – percussion

Program Note

Composed in 2001, Reflections in the Dark is one of Beaugeais’ earlier works. It was selected for the Young Composers’ Salon as part of the 12th Sydney Spring International Festival of New Music, where Beaugeais performed it herself at the Studio, Sydney Opera House. It was later revised in 2009 for a concert featuring Beaugeais’ works at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music, which was broadcast on ABC Classic FM.

The initial idea of Reflections in the Dark (2001/2009) came to me when I was sitting in front of a pool very late one night, watching the beautiful reflections of the moonlight shimmering across the water. After a meditative opening, the wind starts to develop, moving dark shadows start to appear from the swaying surrounding trees, producing creepy, ‘monster-like’ figures. Then in the second movement, a more calm, tranquil scene returns, exposing the pure, lyrical tones of the three instruments.

Reflections in the Dark explores a variety of different textures and timbres to capture the serene as well as eerie atmospheres. A number of saxophone extended techniques enhance this effect, such as multiphonics, key clicks, quarter-tone, glissando and slap-tongue effects – a drum-like sound which is produced by the release of the suction of the reed on the mouthpiece. In the first movement there is a fast, rhythmic interplay between the saxophone and temple blocks, where slap-tonguing serves to imitate the percussive sound of the temple blocks.

© 2009 by Katia Beaugeais.

Available for:

  • Bb clarinet, alto sax & percussion: vibraphone, marimba & temple blocks
  • Bb clarinet, flute/bass flute & percussion: vibraphone, marimba & temple blocks
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