Manifesto pour la Paix – Austria live performance. Broadcast on ABC.


Manifesto pour la Paix  for strings, woodwind, alto sax & piano – 10 min.

6 July 2012ABC Classic FM Broadcast, Australia.
Performance at the Zagreb Biennale by Ensemble Zeitfluss (Graz, Austria)

23 October 2012 – Orf FM Radio Broadcast, Austria.
Recorded by Ensemble Zeitfluss (Graz, Austria) at the Orf Recording Studios, Vienna.

Program Note

Manifesto pour la Paix for large chamber ensemble was premiered in the closing ceremony of the 2011 ISCM World New Music Days/Zagreb Biennale in Croatia by Ensemble Zeitfluss from Graz, Austria.

Manifesto pour la Paix is a manifesto for peace. It is dedicated to the victims of the terrorist attacks, as well as the victims of the Syrian war.

The work begins with a fast, pulsating, repetitive four-note semiquaver motif that transforms into a series of variations to form the underlying motivic construction of the work. A slow, soft, solemn and nostalgic style governs the middle section. Delicate and atmospheric timbral and textural effects are created through the use of contemporary playing techniques, such as saxophone multiphonics and slap-tonguing, woodwind and string quarter-tones, pitch bend, vibrato, plucking of piano strings, glissando, cluster chords, flute flutter-tongue and whistle tone effects.

A theme of hope and peace is also heard in this manifesto. First heard in the opening as soft, sustained chords in the woodwinds, juxtaposed within the semiquaver figures, lyrical melodic lines and mass chords merge together in the final section to create a unifying moment, symbolising the courage and resilience of the victims.

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